Brief History of NBCC


The history of Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) dates back to the year 1969 when “Nyishi Christian Students Union” was formed on 1st April 1969, at John Firth Mission School, North Lakhimpur Assam. The Nyishi Students Union was formed with Mr. Epa Tana Tara as President and Mr. Ter Tana Tara as Secretary.

The First Annual Meeting of “Nyishi Christian Students' Union” was held at (old) Pania Baptist Church in the year 1970 which was followed by the 2nd Annual Meeting at Nyelam Baptist Church in the year 1971, and 3rd Annual Meeting at Cher Baptist Church in the year 1972. In this 3rd Annual Meeting the nomenclature of the Nyishi Christian Students Union was changed to “Nyishi Christian Convention”. In the year 1973 again 4th meeting was held at Old Pania with the newly changed name “Nyishi Christian Convention”. 5th meeting was held at Khemlee Village in 1974 and due to the severe persecution of the Christians the 5th meeting could not held however after one year gap  the 6th Annual Meeting was held at John First Mission School Compound, North Lakhimpur, Assam from 27th – 28th April 1976.

The 7th Annual Meeting was held at Denka Baptist Church in the year 1978 where again nomenclature was changed from Nyishi Christian Convention to “Subansiri Baptist Christian Association”.  (SBCA) The SBCA in her ministry with great achievements from trials and errors could celebrate its 25th years (Silver Jublee) of glorious triumph at Model Village, Naharlagun from 11th -13th October 1996.

The present popularly known Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) was changed from SBCA during 29th Annual Conference that was held on 2nd Feb 2001 at Sagalee. In the year 2006 the constitution and Bye-Laws of NBCC was amended and Pastoral Range System was introduced for effective functioning of the Council.