Pastoral department is one of the main departments of Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC). The department was created in the year 2006 while rectification of sub-centre system of NBCC was on process for centralized system of administration. Since then, the pastoral department is established in the council with “Pastoral Coordinator” as the head (HOD) till 2015. Slight change over the nomenclature of HOD was amended in NBCC rules in 2016 where “Pastoral Coordinator” has been changed to “Secretary Pastoral department.” So far 48 pastoral ranges, one Prayer Centre and five Prayer Houses are under this administrative head. Each pastoral range, prayer centres and prayer house has pastor as implementing agency of NBCC ministry in jurisdiction wise system.




  1. Mr. Nabam Apo – Chairman
  2. Mr. Mazi Piel – Vice Chairman
  3. Mr. Golo Hania – Member
  4. Mr. Gyamar Tana – Member
  5. Mr. Taro Tagia – Member
  6. Mr. Ravi Natung – Member
  7. Mr. Kara Sako – Member Secretary
  8. Mr. Neelam Tago -Member



    Kara Sako ,Secretary Pastoral







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