Foundation Day Circular





This is wide circulation to all the Local Churches, Range Office, Educational Institutions, Projects and other NBCC related establishment to celebrate the NBCC Foundation day with great pomp and joy. As approved by 170th Administrative Committee Meeting, following guidelines are framed out for the uniformity celebration of the foundation day.


  1. Date                            : - 5th April (every year)
  2. Time of flag Hoisting  : - 7:30 am
  3. Anthem Song              : - “Oyu Galoqkv…” (NKB 378)
  4. Who can hoist the Flag (NBCC Flag)
  1. NBCC Head Quarter                    :-President of NBCC
  2. Range Office                                :- Range Chairman/ Range Pastor NBCC
  3. Local Church                                :- Deacon Board Chairman/ Local Pastor, NBCC
  4. Project                                           :- Project Head/ Committee Head, NBCC


  1.  Service Order (Outside)
  1. General Gathering
  2. Flag Hoisting
  3. Anthem Song
  4. Mass Prayer for NBCC Ministry


  1. Service Order (inside)
  1. Chairperson
  2. Bible reading & Prayer
  3. Announcement
  4. Offertory prayer for envelope and free will donors
  5. Short exhortation
  6. Blessings & Benediction

            Recreation and refreshment as desired by the committee/ organizer


Note: - please visit to for any suggestion or clarification.






(Rev, Tar Choya)

General Secretary