It is true saying that, “Without literature or written form, the people's history is forgotten and death.” By keeping the above saying in mind, since the inception of the Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC), the Literature activity was one of the main ministries in the life of NBCC. The Council is not only focusing in the spiritual realm but it also emphasizes on the holistic activities, such as literature, relief and development, socio-economic development, education, elevation of human life and value, etc. Hence, the Council took the Literature work as one of the top priorities in its life and ministry in order to preserve, develop and promote the Nyishi Language as much as in an original form. In spite of many hurdles and drawback, the Council took initiative for this noble work on behalf of the entire Nyishi Community. 

With love and concern for the entire community, the tireless effort of our former elders and leaders, the Nyishi Alphabet and Orthography were developed and well accepted by the society. Through that developed orthography, the department has translated numbers of Church related literatures into Nyishi Language.       

In beginning the Council did not feel for separate department as it was its one of the main activities, but as the work increased, the Council created a separate department in 2001 and constituted a committee viz. Literature Committee, NBCC, in order to spearhead the Nyishi Literature activities. By the grace of God, so far these literatures work have been accomplished by the department. They are:-
1.    Gvda Daapo
2.    Markwg aldvb pui xeqnam
3.    NEFA bemin
4.    Translated and published the Nit Pvvb (New Testament) in 2002
5.    Worship Hymn 
6.    Adult Literature materials are translated and published
7.    Sunday school materials are translated  
8.    Needed bulletins and tracts are translated and published
9.    Published Nyishi Alphabet Chart and Placard  
10.    Kolwg Pvvb (Old Testament) is on progress

Some of the main activities that usually the Literature Department, NBCC involved are:
1.    Translation and Publication of both religious and secular literatures.
2.    Collection and compile of traditional folk songs and lyrics.  
3.    Documentation of traditional culture and habit. 
4.    To conduct symposium and seminar on certain literature issues.  
5.    To publish books, news letters, bulletins, pamphlets, etc.
6.    To create or formulate certain terms or words (Nyishi termology) 
7.    Give training and sponsoring in linguistic activities.  
8.    Editorial activities.
Therefore, the department gives opportunity to any writers and literature lovers to document, write, collect and compile and publish their interested literature through this department.