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From the principal desk

Rev. Dr. Changha Chippo, Principal

The life to become    

            With my heartfelt thanks I praise God for His marvelous work that He has bestowed upon me to shepherd the family of God’s people and the institution as Arunachal Theological College, Moinhappa Itanagar.  I am amazed to comprehend the diagram that God set and the work that He does, it is beyond human capacity of understanding, it is obvious that the people simply is the mere instrument of God.  The success always is with the Lord, whether one is on the crest or the base.  None is yet perfect but to be perfected with the life well being with the true nature of God.  The life to become is depending upon the selection of the personal and of course God.  The Theological education can be considered as one of the best education criterion that the person is willing to become exceptional, or it can be worse criterion that the person is unwilling to become the life change.  The life can be change only by the touch of the Holy Spirit, humbling down one’s life into the feet of Jesus and surrendered the carnal life that is active.  The degree and the knowledge that was earned by us may sometime not useful when a person lives irrelevant life; he is neither fit to be in the church nor to be with anywhere, such life is most tragedy.

In view of that, ATC obviously looking someone who is matured in Christian faith, willing to sacrifice his /her life for the ministry of God, who is also open heart to face any situation.   One who dedicated his /her life for the ministry of Jesus Christ, heart without grudging, tittle-tattle, antagonism and animosity toward others but only spiritually well founded.   One who is to be morally well built, academically well informed, physically sounds in health, and biblically advances in learning.  Arunachal Theological College also despise the one who refuse to abide with the law of the college, one who determined to apply their personal view, and the one who live by their own standard.  

The church leaders and the faithful believers are to dissect before recommending the candidate for theological education, knowing the future perspective.  Sending candidate for the theological education should not be ‘meant’ for avoiding problems that you faced in the family.  It rather should ‘meant’ for sacrifice the best for our Lord Jesus Christ as well as for the better future.  Someone already assumed that the theological institution as a centre for rehabilitation for the weak, but it truly is not, rather it is a place of equipping, training, and building the strong stronger, much to more, and the best to better.  It is not a place for weak and poor but a place of making people to make someone for Jesus Christ.

Therefore, A.T.C stands for three pillars: Academic excellence, Ministry zeal, and character formation.  Keeping these points as our concrete pillars, the institution put forward every member of the community into force to attain the goal.  This is what our lives are going to become, ATC, as a family invites and welcome those who are willing to become and part with the above mentioned three pillars.   


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